The mission of the Ursulines

We live together in communities of faith and love, nourished by our relationship with Jesus Christ. Our mission focuses upon the education of the faith and the promotion of humanity and spirituality of all individuals with whom we encounter.

The origins of the Ursulines

The foundation

At its onset, in 1535 in Italy, the foundress, Angele Merici, answers a particular calling for her time, the one of, founding a group of consecrated women living in the world : the Company of St. Ursula.

In 1611, in France, we find the first Ursulines or Religious of Saint Ursula. They will become a Religious Order, under the rule of Saint Augustin.

In 1639, we see arriving in Quebec Mary of the Incarnation and two companions. They were helped by their lay foundress Mrs.  de la Peltrie.

The Ursulines of the Canadian Union

The first ones to arrive are at the origin of the Ursulines of the Canadian Union : We find them in Quebec, in Japan, in Peru and in the Philippines.

The story of the Ursulines

The Ursulines in the world

The government

The spirit

In the spirit of Sainte Angele, authority is a service. At all levels : local, provincial and general, each person in authority with an intelligent heart puts herself at the service of the common good and all at the level of fraternal and spiritual animation, of the organization of the services and of the administration of goods.

« Consider yourselves as ministers and servants, with the thought that you need the person you are serving more than they need you to serve or govern them. »
- Angele Merici, Avice 1,3


« And if, according to the times and the needs, there were new arrangements to be had or something to modify, do so prudently and with good council. » 
- Angele Merici, Last legacy

The principals

The service of the government is founded upon the principals of subsidiarity and of co-responsibility This implies the establishment of organizations of information, of dialogue, of consultation and the participation of each one at all the levels of life and of the mission. It is important that each sister be concerned with the life of the community and with the decisions taken.



The General Council in 2020