Le Musée des Ursulines de Trois-Rivières

A Cloister, A School, A Hospital

The dome of the Ursuline monastery is certain to catch your eye, as you travel through Trois-Rivières. Towering proudly over Old Trois-Rivières, it is a reminder of the Ursulines’ three hundred year presence and invites you to come and discover a building that has served as a cloister, a school and a hospital.

A Cloister

Immerse yourself in the life of the Ursulines, who have been educating young girls in the city for more than 300 years.  Moving testimonials recall a time when walls surrounded the Ursuline Monastery.  Let yourself be inspired by the stunning architecture in the chapel, in an atmosphere conducive to meditation.

A School

Become a student of the Ursulines and let yourself be carried away in the Nacelle de Sainte Ursule.  During the summer, tour part of the Collège Marie-de-l’Incarnation and follow in the footsteps of thousands of young girls.  Perhaps, you will even detect the lingering odour of molasses and peanut butter on bread.

A Hospital

At the museum, enter the first hospital in Trois-Rivières, the old Hôtel-Dieu, built by the Ursulines.  Each year, unveil another facet of the rich history of the Ursulines.

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Growing up at the Boarding School

When they came to Trois-Rivières in 1697, the Ursulines immediately built a classroom and a dormitory to meet the needs of their young boarders. Over the centuries these cloistered nuns would shape the lives of thousands of women in Trois-Rivières and area. The exhibition entitled Growing up at the Boarding School explores the lives of the 18th, 19th and 20th century boarders through their writings and recollections. It offers both a fascinating glimpse into the teaching methods of the time and the effect of social change on the lives of the Sisters and students.

photo: Archives du Monastère des Ursulines de Trois-Rivières IV-A-01-9004-035